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Have some time outside of the wedding? Fill it with some Arizona explorin'. 




The city is known for its great weather, outdoor activities, lively events, delicious margs, shopping, big whole in the ground, and more. We hope you have time to explore! If you need suggestions on restaurants, bars or specific things to do, check out this document.


Where to Stay

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Valley Ho for our guests coming from near and afar to celebrate with us. To view the rates, photos and amenities, please visit the hotel website found below. 

Lambesis + Schmid Room Block

Code: BobbyJordan0909

valley ho.jpeg


Where to Stay 

Phoenix and Scottsdale also have an arrangement of Airbnb's throughout. Make sure to get a place in the following neighborhoods if this is the route you take! 

  • Old Town Scottsdale 

  • Arcadia 

  • Biltmore

You can go as far as North Scottsdale - just make sure to rent a car! ​


What to Wear

Whatever makes you feel good! Please make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Arizona can be hot in September! 

Please no jeans or shorts. For men - suit pants and a nice button down. For women, anything comfortable - dress, skirt, you can also wear suit pants! Just wedding appropriate attire. 

If you need inspiration and would like to dress to "theme", we are expressing ourselves on this day through lots of color. Wear as much color as you would like. We are going for vibrancy! 

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